KMG Tool & Machine

Tooling And Precision

CNC Machined Parts


KMG is a manufacturer of precision tooling and machined parts, serving a national customer base since 1981.  We are committed to manufacturing quality parts, with the ability to meet short term delivery requirements, provide competitive pricing, continuous improvement, maintain qualified and professional personnel, and the flexibility to meet our clients needs. 

We have built our reputation based on quality parts, on time delivery and outstanding customer service. We take pride in the job we do and strive to provide the support our customers deserve.

Extensive professional experience accompanied by detailed planning, efficient production, and thorough inspection, are key components of our company. Our wide range of machining capabilities have supported aircraft, military and commercial programs for over three decades.


Services We Can Provide Include

Detailed precision machine parts, simple to complex, capable of 20+ ft. long
Project design and engineering
Welding (Aluminum and/or Steels)
Small to large assemblies, as well as individual components
Quick turn around times (Same day potential)
Water Jet Capabilities up to 24' +

5-Axis Water Jet Capabilities


Extended Network

Over the years, we have built cooperative and strategic relationships with other companies.  These include heat treating, paint, processing, composites and many more.  These relationships are designed with customer assurance in mind.  We seek the highest quality and the best value possible. This gives us the flexibility to coordinate almost any job while maintaining our high standards of quality and value. In addition, our project managers oversee your parts with the same attention to detail and service that you would come to expect from over three decades of experience.